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Ethnicity isn’t the culprit of why minorities are underrepresented in gifted programs. So what is it?

As educators, we’ve gotten so hung up on ethnicity that we’ve overlooked the really big problem, and therefore solution, to gaps in academic achievement. We might think that ethnicity and poverty go hand in hand when discussing challenges in learning gaps, but they don’t. Hispanics and African […]

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Who’s Not Making It Into Gifted And Talented Programs?

If you missed the first two articles of this series, you can find Part 1 here, and Part 2 here. There are four categories of gifted students. The successful, frustrated, camouflaged, and drop outs. The course goes into great detail in all four, but for this article, […]

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Why Are Gifted Students Different And What Does That Mean For Us As Educators

When someone says, “All of our students are gifted,” what they really mean is – “all of our students have gifts and talents.” All students are not gifted and cannot be gifted because giftedness relates to development. Gifted students have a different developmental pattern from average students. […]

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Unlock The Characteristics of Giftedness So No Gifted Child Goes Underground

I can still remember my mother coming back home in tears from our school that day. It was my younger sister’s first year and back then, especially if you were from a little tiny town like ours, only teachers were supposed to teach kids to read. The […]

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Making Sense of STAAR Data Part 4

Are we able to go from being non-runners to running a marathon – with just three weeks of preparation?  Of course not.  We have to build up to it, otherwise we’re setting ourselves up for (rather brutal and painful) failure. How does this relate to making sense […]

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Making Sense of STAAR Data Part 3

When I think of heat maps, the first thing that comes to mind is the weatherman showing me a color-coded map of my city in reds and oranges, and staying that way for most of the summer. Fortunately, that summer weather is pretty much over for this […]

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Making Sense of STAAR Data Part 2

Last week we talked about moving from the language of percent to the language of person. You can find that article here. Now we can take the first step to make sense of the data by focusing on teacher perception. We all know the famous definition of […]

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Making Sense of STAAR Data Part 1

Do you ever feel like you’re just a number or statistic? It seems like our whole being is summarized in some random combination of digits, clumped into some database as a ratio, profile, or summary. What does this have to do with making sense of the STAAR […]

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