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Course Management

The Responsive Learning System was developed and created over a 3 year period beginning in 2006 with the feedback and support from educators and professional trainers across the state of Texas.  The RLS is flexible and can easily adapt to unique requests.

Every year, more features and enhancements are incorporated as online training for educators evolves from year to year.

Your team can take advantage of every feature in the Responsive Learning System.

  • Hosting – Server capacity can support thousands of users simultaneously without experiencing any delay in course training and access is available 24/7 from any internet connection
  • Registration – Each participant has a unique username and password for easy teacher management and tracking
  • Tracking – The Responsive Learning System automatically tracks teacher responses, time spent on each course, test scores, and course completion.
  • Reporting – Teachers can access and download completion certificates and administrators can follow up with participants who have not completed required training
  • Support – If anything goes wrong, our support  staff is a phone call away, and our team of developers quickly and easily address any technical issues that may come up.

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